Sensational Singer will Converse with Fans

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Taher Shah Converse With Fans

Dear All.

Pop Sensational Singer decided to converse with his global fans and followers through Questions & Answers before releasing his upcoming “NEW SONG”. This session specially made for those fans who needs to ask some questions and curious about his favorite singer and his upcoming “NEW SONG”. Hence, some useful and informative rules has been created to follow and to prevent from unpleasant activity. The rules are mentioned below…

Rules for registering your questions:

  1. Questions will be register from 6 P.M to 12 A.M (PST) on 11th February 2016.
  2. No questions will be accepted before and after the above mentioned given schedule.
  3. Singer/celebrity will not answer your questions register before/after the time schedule.
  4. Fans need to register questions along with their valid email addresses for receiving future gift relate to this session.
  5. The list of selected questions along with singer/celebrity answers will be published as soon on official platforms.
  6. Selected questions/answers will win a surprising gift on 14th February 2016.
  7. Fans can register their questions through various ways according to their visibility as several platforms mentioned below

Platforms to register questions:



Facebook Message System:

Twitter Direct Message System:

Linkedin Message System:

If any problem persist feel free to contact our I.T department for its quick solution

With Love and Respect,


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