TAHER SHAH is a Pakistani pop sensation singer he started his singing career with his Mega blockbuster debut song “EYE TO EYE” in 2013.

Taher Shah Biography


‘Early Life & Career’

TAHER SHAH was born on 18 August in Sindh, Pakistan he completed his educational life in Karachi before entering the musical scene in Pakistan ‘Shah’ worked as a professional businessman (founder & Chief Executive of EYE TO EYE LTD Company ) He further plans to Launching TV Channel in future


‘Music Career’

Taher Shah Biography

Taher Shah began his career with the song
“EYE TO EYE”. He is multi talented and has a charismatic personality besides being a singer, actor, writer, Lyricist, Producer & director he is also a successful businessman his debut song video
“EYE TO EYE” which was a big instant hit worldwide and most popular viral song of Year 2013. Shah also released two different versions of his song urdu version as”ANKHON HEE ANKHON MEI” and DANCE MIX of “EYE TO EYE” along with its instrumental as the original song and all versions received so much popularity in social media his Charisma in the enormous success of his song “EYE TO EYE” will remain forever as his song get 6 Million popular hits till yet worldwide and received achievement award, wins prestige music award with three major world records title and GOLD MEDAL from well reputed organizations of UK, USA, CANADA and INDIA.

Taher Shah Biography

On April 8th 2016 “ANGEL” Song released and become second blockbuster viral hit song and was in top trending topic on Twitter and other social platforms after its release and within a couple of days it has received 4 Million views from around the globe with an immense popularity and famed among all generations. SHAH spread a message of LOVE , PEACE & HUMANITY in his second Beautiful song and he surprised his fans and followers by Featuring his Cute Son in the song that makes it more fascinating and elegant to people’s eye and become a reason to Biggest Instant Viral Hit universally that received more than 8 Million views within 4 weeks of its release.


Taher Shah Biography‘World Records Dedicated’

Achievement and Prestige Song Winner Awards with three World Records title Certificates and GOLD MEDAL dedicated to his beloved country and mentioned this honour as a gift for the proud nation of Pakistan


Record Setter World Record. (USA Year 2013 )

Unique World Record. (INDIA Year 2013)

RHR World Record. (UK Year 2014)

GOLD MEDAL from ENGLAND. (UK Year 2014)


‘Success Story’

Taher Shah Biography

Pakistani media put SHAH in to the league of the most popular artists overnight. With the massive hit, the song had a great fan following, both locally and internationally. After his song’s success he was recognized as a sensational singer by the Pakistani music industry. Internationally, the print media wrote articles/stories on him and all leading national news and entertainment TV Channels, along with the local and international Radio/Fm, covered his interviews. In one of his interview he mentioned inspirational words that (‘My Passion Make Me Passionate Singer’). Some leading English newspapers mentioned him as the most spectacular internet celebrity of Pakistan. Some mentioned him as a musical genius, whilst some admired his Song and its Lyrics. He was also named as the Pop Sensation of Pakistan.


‘My Fans’

Taher Shah Biography

‘EYE TO EYE’ belongs to my fans as they are my real soul,” said the man himself in his message for his worldwide fans.” Their support and love make my song receive such an enormous success and my song universally became so much successful and got three world Record titles,” continued the singer, “hence I make special thanks to all my fans for liking my song and appreciating it. Please keep loving me as it motivates me with this promise to keep working with dedication and passion towards my career and for the upcoming new song video and movie project. I want to assure my fans to keep entertaining them with my future inventions.”

Lots of Love & Respect.


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