Taher Shah Award Winner

TAHER SHAH Interview on Breakaway Daily for Achievement Award 2014

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Breakaway Daily is proud to announce the 2014 award recipient for The Breakaway Daily Achievement Award to Pakistani internet sensation Taher Shah. Shah’s achievements include; being top ranked in Google keyword searches for pop sensation singer, receiving three World Records, and a Gold Medal for his single “Eye to Eye.”

Taher Shah Award Winner

Shah is a success story in his country of Pakistan. A businessman by profession, Shah has received global fame and worldwide recognition as a multitalented artist. Not only a singer, Shah also wrote, produced, and directed his debut music video “Eye to Eye.”

Shah began his career with the song “Eye to Eye” that went viral all over the internet in 2013. The music video generated lots of publicity and reached more than 2.7 Million views worldwide. “Eye to Eye” also garnered him a hit in the UK, USA & India, three World Records titles and a Gold Medal – which he dedicated to his fans and his country of Pakistan.


Interview with Taher Shah on receiving the Breakaway Daily Achievement Award

Q: Taher Shah, first of all I would like to congratulate you on this award!

A: I feel humble, thanks to Breakaway Daily for giving me this distinguished award.

Q: Did you ever think that you would receive an achievement award so early in your career for your work?

A: Absolutely, because if you believe in dedication and are always passionate, the work will provide its reward with respect.

Q: This is just the beginning of your career. Do you think that you will continue to gain success in your upcoming projects, like your debut song “Eye to Eye” has achieved?

A: I believe in passion, dedication and positive hard work along with confidence. I believe new inventions always get success.

Q: You have a great fan following, your international fans wanted to know if you had any plans to visit Canada, America or foreign nation’s people as they would love to see you perform live.

A: I always respect and appreciate fans admiration for having so many concert offers. Soon worldwide fans will see me in various live concerts.

Q: Any message for your worldwide fans and followers?

A: My fans are my real soul. With their true love and appreciation for my song “Eye to Eye,” which created a landmark for success and received many rewards, I promise many to come and all will be dedicated to my worldwide beloved fans.

Shah’s future projects include more music videos and a film with subjects both pertaining to love. For more information visit Taher Shah’s official website & social networks (Twitter & Facebook).

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